My SkinCare Routine & What FINALLY Cleared Up My Skin

Finding a skincare routine that works can be quite a tricky process! I have tried countless brands over the years ranging from drugstore, high-end, and even prescription products, never getting the results I truly wanted. Of course everyone’s skin is so different and products I did not get results from might work amazing for someone else!

My main skin concerns are hyper pigmentation (discoloration/dark spots left from previous acne) and occasional breakouts around my chin. However, stress and sleep have huge impacts on my skins clarity and Optometry School has taken a major toll on it! The breakouts were excessive and even spread to my cheeks and forehead (I normally NEVER get acne there!!!) Prior to Optometry School, I would go full glam and wear makeup every single day making it super easy to conceal any blemishes! But with late nights studying and early morning exams, dolling up everyday has become less of a priority (leaving my lovely acne exposed!). It can be pretty difficult to feel your best with a broken out face, but I also don’t want to feel the need to apply makeup everyday in order to feel good!

Tula Purifying Cleanser and 10% pH Resurfacing Gel

I kept hearing so many bloggers rave about Tula products. I was definitely curious, but wasn’t convinced. Can you blame me? I had already tried so many products in the past with unimpressive results. Then one day, I received Tula’s Purifying Face Cleanser in my FabFitFun Box. Within the FIRST FEW USES I noticed a change in my skin! It was beginning to clear up and overall look a lot more healthy and glowing! I gave it a few weeks and was hooked! I decided to completely revamp my skincare routine. I now only use Tula products and can say my skin has not looked or felt this great in years!!!

Tula Acne Clearing + Tone Correcting Gel and Illuminating Face Serum

One thing I love is that the products are made with probiotics and super foods making them MUCH cleaner than most products! My sister has fairly sensitive skin and she is hooked as well! Since my skincare routine has been one of the most highly requested topics, I will walk you through my step-by-step skincare routine:

Tula Aqua Infusion Power Liquid and Hydrating Day & Night Cream


  1. Purifying Cleanser: A probiotic gel cleanser that removes all my makeup and preps my skin for my nightly routine! Super gentle, yet effective!
  2. Pro-Glycolic 10% pH Resurfacing Gel: The perfect non-drying toner!!! This really helps clean out pores, but isn’t drying at all! Leaves my skin feeling super clean.
  3. Acne Clearing and Tone Correcting Gel: Acne fighting, preventing, and dark spot correcting!!! Everything I am looking for in a product and more! This step plays a HUGE role in my skins progress for sure!
  4. Illuminating Face Serum: Brighten up dull skin and hyper-pigmentation! This definitely helped brighten up my skin and even out my complexion, making my skin look SUPER healthy!
  5. Aqua Infusion Power Liquid: This product is very SOOTHING and adds a lot of hydration to the skin, but is super light weight at the same time. It has a thinner consistency.
  6. Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream: Finally, I go in with this hydrating cream. It is a bit thicker and a more intense moisturizer!
Daily Tula Skincare Routine

Dual-Phase Skin Reviving Pads: This gentle exfoliator is perfect for weekly at home spa days! I use it once a week to deep clean my pores and smooth out my skin.
Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers: Apply one of these covers at night before bed and wake up with little to no blemish left! These acne covers have a way of absorbing oil/fluid out of acne making it shrink and heal quicker over night! Can be worn under makeup during the day as well.

Weekly Tula Dual-Phase Skin Reviving Pads

STARTER KIT/ PERFECT GIFT IDEA: (cleanser, toner, serum, & moisturizer)
Tula Discovery Kit – 4 mini sized products: The Tula discovery kit comes with step 1,2,4, and 6 of my routine which are KEY PRODUCTS!! This is a great way to test the products out for yourself or GIVE THE GIFT OF CLEAR SKIN!!!! This is such a great gift idea! I’v already gifted it to two friends who have already fallen in love!!! 🙂

Tula Discovery Kit



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