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I Tried FabFitFun! Here Are My Thoughts…

If you are reading this, I am assuming you are debating whether or not fabfitfun is worth trying.  After my own debate, I FINALLY caved and decided to give it a shot! For those of you who don’t know, Fabfitfun is a full-sized (yes, full sized!) seasonal subscription service. You receive 4 boxes a year (one for each season) worth at least $250. Each box costs $49.99; however, if you use the DISCOUNT code BEACHBABE you can get your first box for just $39.99. The products range from beauty, fashion, fitness, home decor, etc…

You can PURCHASE your own box here:

This is what I received:

1) Beach Tote

2) Hair mask

3) Face Scrub

4) Mug

5) Hair Wrap

6) Cooling eye mask

7) Tarte eyeshadow palette

8) Reusable Ice/Heat Pack

I am going to simplify things into a simple pro and con list 🙂 This is my honest overview on the product:


— I LOVE that there is such as variety of products! It’s refreshing to receive products that aren’t only beauty related

–I also love that the products are full-sized. It makes the box so much more worth it and I found myself not always using the small sample sizes from other subscription services

–Since it is seasonal, you receive products you ACTUALLY need for that specific time of year

— You have the option to customize a few items or leave it all as a surprise (basically feels like Christmas 4 times a year LOL)

–The value is great! You get way more than what you pay for

–You can cancel at anytime


— Takes a couple weeks to receive box after initial order (this is because there is a specific shipping schedule and I signed up for the second shipment, which I was unaware of at the time)

–You can only customize a couple products unless you pay extra to be a special member (this may be a bonus if you want to keep your products a surprise tho!!)

Personally, I think the box is totally worth the money! I hope you found this review helpful! Please be sure to sign up to my news  letter, follow me on social media, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel 🙂





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