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The start to your morning can truly impact the remainder of your day! Having some sort of structure and organization can definitely help keep things running smooth and get you on the right path for your busy day ahead! Below are 7 healthy morning habits that I believe will set you up for a day of success and productivity.

  1.   DRESS FOR CONFIDENCE AND COMFORT – Believe it or not, your clothes can make a big difference in your mood! So be sure to get out of those pj’s early in the morning choose your outfits wisely. And as they saying goes, dress for the job you want, not the job you have 😉
  2. HAVE SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO- Whether it be a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, spending time with your dog, or reading a chapter from your favorite book, having something you genuinely look forward to will help you get excited to begin your day and get out of your cozy bed.
  3. TAKE TIME TO HAVE A HEALTHY BREAKFAST- Trust me, I know this one is easier said than done, but it is important! Fuel your body with rich, nutritious food in the morning. Not only will it give you great energy, it was also make you want to continue eating clean the rest of the day.
  4. PREPARE A LARGE CUP OF FRUIT INFUSED WATER-  We dehydrate overnight, so it is super important to get in a glass of water when you first wake up. Adding fruit to the water not only makes it tastes better, but it also looks prettier, making you more likely to want to drink it.
  5. TIDY UP YOUR ROOM AND WORK-SPACE- A cluttered work-space leads to a cluttered, stressed mind.  On the other hand, a clean, organized room leads to a calmer, more peaceful mind.
  6. GET MOVING!- Even if you don’t have time for a full blown workout (if you do, that’s great!), at least take 5 minutes to stretch. It gets your blood flowing, wakes you up, and puts you in a better mood instantly!
  7. TAKE 10-15 MINUTES FOR A PERSONAL GOAL- The morning is a great time to work on yourself. If you have to, set your alarm just 15 minutes earlier than you normally would and use that extra time towards a goal of yours! Some great examples: a quick at home workout, learning a new language, or starting your own blog!

I hope you have an AMAZING day!



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